Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: What is
Answer: A person can build a profile on the matrimonial website to look for the ideal match as a life companion.
2. Question: How can I set up a profile on
Answer: The user must fill out his or her profile on with accurate information, including name, date of birth, place of birth, photos, horoscopes, voice profiles, references, etc.
3. Question: Can I sign up on someone else's behalf?
Answer: You can register on someone else's behalf if you give the partner's information in your registration.
4. Question: What I will find if I search profiles on
Answer: Search takes into account factors including age, height, marital status, regional websites, religion, caste/division, sub caste, citizenship, the country in which you are located, education, and "display results posted on." Use your matrimonial/email ID and password to log in. Choosing based on the available possibilities.
5. Question: How can I modify my profile?
Answer: By deleting the outdated information and replacing it with the accurate and current information about the person for whom the partner is being sought, you can edit or modify your account.
6. Question: Can I use this website to find a companion using my kundli?
Answer: No. We do not currently provide any services that allow you to find a companion based on your kundli.
7. Question: Are there verified profiles on the website?
Answer: No. The profiles on the website are made by the users and are not verified by It is the user's duty to get in touch with the person and independently confirm their legitimacy.
8. Question: I believe there are issues with my profile, some of which appear to be technical. How do I get in touch with the person I need to?
Answer: You can reach us by using the information listed in the website's Contact us section.
9. Question: If cannot help me find the perfect match, would it give me a refund?
Answer: No. You must pay fees in order to use the platform and create an online profile. No refund will be given if you are unable to find a compatible match.
10. Question: I'm interested in a profile, but the person I'm contacting hasn't responded. Now what?
Answer: You must get in touch with the profile owner using the information provided in their profile. If you tried to contact the person, it is typical to hear back within a week.
11. Question: If I delete my account, will my details be deleted as well?
Answer: No. Your information is retained in the website's database and won't be removed in any way.